Confections and Chocolates

Marzipan and chocolate together in a pair is - singular. Wonderful chocolate. Perfect present.
Unique ornamental boxes can also be composed from our products by clicking the following link:

Chocolate pralines

Handmade tiny chocolate desserts.

Szamos desserts

Filled or unfilled, dipped in chocolate, demanding individually wrapped marzipan and chocolate desserts.


The Szamos delicacies family consists of marzipan dipped in chocolate or uncoated of the bigger sizes, 40-80 g, or the small fruits and the marzipan potato, and we also include here the durable pastries made with pastry-sheets and cream.


The Szamos dragée assortment consists of besides the almonds, hazelnuts and raisins coated in chocolate, marzipan balls dragéed with sugar or chocolate.

Ornamental boxes

The whole range of the tiny pralines and the filled and unfilled desserts are also available in ornamental boxes outstandingly suitable for presentation.

Tokaji-Szamos Katalógus 2011.pdf