History of the company

Everything started with a rose.


The small Serbian boy Szavits Mladen - who could have inherited the attraction towards oriental sweets with the blood of his ancestors fled from the Balkan - growing up without a father lin Szentendre in poverty was a confectionery student in the shop of the appreciated Auguszt E. József in the Krisztina Boulevard. One fine day - at the beginning of the 30s - a Danish confectioner came to the company, who showed that: with appropriate manual skills, attention and plenty of practice pretty roses can be moulded from the sugared almond mass, the marzipan.  

The apprentice learnt the lesson with close observation. Since then great many of hours, days, months, years and centuries passed and many-many hundreds of thousands marzipan roses were sold. He met a woman, of course in the confectionery, they had beautiful children and for today even their grandchildren are grown-ups, a decent son-in-law came to the house and all of them learnt how to make roses. The Szamos marzipan company employing more than 200 people in Pilisvörösvár came into leaf by the middle of the 90s from that rose. Most of the recipes spoke highly of the inventiveness of Szamos Mátyás. There are as many shapes, flavours, specialities and surprises as many pieces.