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The Szamos Marcipán Kft. intends to deliver its products to the closest point to You in excellent quality.  




It built up its sales system in a way that both individual customers and wholesale and retail traders or even people working in the catering industry - HORECA - or people buying our products in bulk as end users can reach directly the assortment suitable for their activity accompanied by the related services.    



Individual customers

To individual customers we primarily recommend the specialised shops of our own or operating in a franchise system, where they can select from the widest and most demanding offer with the aid of our experienced shop keepers. Most of those shops sell pastry and cakes, as well.  

You can buy Szamos sweets, bonbons, desserts, marzipan and cake decorations (figures, flowers) in the shops selling premium products offering a range in compliance with the type of each shop. They can be found in hyper - and supermarkets: AUCHAN, CORA, INTERSPAR, KAISER’S, METRO, SPAR, TESCO  

The shops of the petrol stations wait for their customers with a great assortment of sweets: AGIP, LUKOIL, MOL, OMV, SHELL and the CBA, especially the CBA Prima, COOP, MATCH , REÁL shops.  



Sales persons and confectioners

We supply the listed shops organised into a chain, the small shops, the specialised shops selling sweets, too, the confectioneries, coffee and tea houses, company buffets from van sales vehicles.  

After giving the name of the township the name of our colleague working where you live or operate your business appears. Click here for the dispatch search!    



Company gifts

If you contact our professionals they introduce the wide scale of opportunities, help with the selection of the best company gift or reception or farewell presents at events with great professionalism.  

We are happy to take part in the realisation of spectacular party elements or manual craft ideas, for example the preparation of marzipan figures or bonbons.  

Exploiting our catering experience we can be a good partner of party service enterprises, catering companies, hotels or restaurants. Our special offer is very versatile from the buttered tea biscuits through the "coffee house assortment" to the table decoration marzipan figure for different occasions.